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Spring 2015

John J. Cronin, Western Connecticut State University
From Content Marketing to Transmedia Storytelling: The Latest Evolution of Integrated Marketing Communications

Jin-Woo Kim, Georgia Southern University; Luther Trey Denton, Georgia Southern University; and Tien Wang, National Cheng Kung University
Assessing Stock Market Response to the Release of Ad Meter Rankings of Super Bowl TV Commercials

Scott Fiene, University of Mississippi
Understanding the Integrated Marketing Communications Job Market

Roy Wollen, Hansa Marketing Services
The Role of RFPs in IMC Programs: A Practitioner’s Perspective

Gautam Mahajan, Customer Value Foundation
The Business of the Personal Touch

Lance Kinney, University of Alabama; Brandt Garrison, University of Alabama
System Theory Analysis Applied to Athletics IMC Media Rights

Jaime Noriega, DePaul University
Multicultural Marketing in the U.S.

Fall 2014

Brian G. Smith, Purdue University and Jessica Navarro, University of Houston
Integrating Public Relations Education? An Analysis of Educator Perceptions of Integrated Communication Pedagogy

Paul A. Lucas, University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown
The Rhetoric of Brands: How Value is Generated without Substance

Scott Fiene, University of Mississippi
Successes, Challenges and Lessons Learned from a New IMC Program

Brandi Watkins, Virginia Tech University
An Integrated Approach to Sports Branding: Examining the Influence of Social Media on Brand Outcomes

Carol Scovotti, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater and Lisa D. Spiller, Christopher Newport University
You Brew: Crafting a Winning Marketing Strategy

Christopher Polakowski, William Paterson University and Bela Florenthal, William Paterson University
BrandCo: Development and Marketing of a Social Media Index

Spring 2014

Don E. Schultz, Northwestern University and Martin P. Block, Northwestern University
What’s Driving Online Commerce: A Comparison of a Fast- and Slow-Growth Market

Rachael Post, Luna Sky Media; Dawn Edmiston, Saint Vincent College
Challenging Big Data Preconceptions: NewWays of Thinking About Data and Integrated Marketing Communication

Natalie T. Wood, Saint Joseph’s University; Jané N. Burkhalter, Saint Joseph’s University; Donna Falgiatore, Saint Joseph’s University
Java Cookie: Finding Sweet Success with WOM in the Digital Age

Todd Bacile, Loyola University, New Orleans; Charles Hoffacker, Florida State University; Allyn White, Loyola University, New Orleans
Emerging Challenges in Social Media: Service as Marketing Communication Signals

Lance Kinney, University of Alabama
IMC or ET? A Managerial Case Study of the Communications Management of the University of South Alabama’s Football Program Lunch

Blodwen Tarter, Golden Gate University; Debra Zahay, Aurora University Customer Profiling and Segmentation

Fall 2013

Hyuksoo Kim (St. Bonaventure University); Joseph E. Phelps (The University of Alabama); Doohwang Lee (Kyunghee University)
The Social Cognitive Approach to Consumers’Engagement Behavior in Online Brand Community

Vijay Viswanathan (Northwestern University); Martin P. Block (Northwestern University); Anne Blood (Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School, Boston); Hans Breiter (Northwestern University); Bobby Calder (Northwestern University); Kalyan Raman (Northwestern University); Don E. Schultz (Northwestern University)
Who is Driving Your NPS?: Understanding Patterns of Behavior to Explain Ayes and Nays

Lisa D. Spiller (Christopher Newport University)
Busch Gardens®: Strategic Planning for a Wild Direct & Interactive Marketing Ride

Kunal Swani (University of Massachusetts); George R. Milne (University of Massachusetts); Cory Cromer (University of Massachusetts, Lowell); Brian P. Brown (Virginia Commonwealth University)
Fortune 500 Companies’Use of Twitter Communications: A Comparison between Product and Service Tweets

Deborah L. Cowles (Virginia Commonwealth University); Jan P. Owens (Carthage College); Kristen L. Walker (California State University, Northridge)
Ensuring a Good Fit: Fortifying Zappos’ Customer Service and User Experience

Jin-Woo Kim (Georgia Southern University)
Does Movie Trailer Release during the Super Bowl Really Work?: The Impact of Movie Promotion on Revenue and Value

Sela Sar (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign); George Anghelcev (Penn State University)
The Impact of Attentional Focus on Advertising Effectiveness: The Case of Congruity Effects

Régine Vanheems (Université de Paris I, Sorbonne); J. Steven Kelly (DePaul University); Kathleen Stevenson (DePaul University)
The Internet, the Modern Death of a Salesman: Multichannel Retailing’s Impact on the Salesperson’s Role

Spring 2013

Kelty Logan (University of Colorado at Boulder)
Let’s Make a Deal: The Exchange Value of Advertising

Lisa D. Spiller, Ph.D. (Christopher Newport University)
Using Metrics to Drive Integrated Marketing Communication Decisions: Hi-Ho Silver

William Ressler (Ithaca College)
Integrating External Objectives with Internal Outcomes: Benefits of Culturally Based, Holistic Approaches to IMC in Minor League Baseball

Stacy Neier (Loyola University Chicago); Drai Hassert (Sortis Internet Marketing)
GREENOLAStyle: A Brand on a Mission

Victor A. Barger (University of Wisconsin, Whitewater); Lauren I. Labrecque (Loyola University Chicago)
An Integrated Marketing Communications Perspective on Social Media Metrics

Amit Banerji (Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology); Mohd Iqbal Khan (Barkatullah University); Mudasir Ahad Wani (Barkatullah University)
India's New Language of Advertising: A Study of Change in Post-Liberalization in India

Fall 2012

Maria Kalamas (Kennesaw State University); R. Keith Tudor (Kennesaw State University); Russell Reams (Kennesaw State University)
The Impact of Online Advertising Cues on Students’ Intent to Engage in Illegal Music Downloading: A Self-Regulatory Focus

Dr. Russell Casey (Penn State University) and Lauren Peretti Llewelyn (CRT/Tanaka)
Brand Consistency in Social Media: WVU’s Eberly Works Toward a Conceptual Framework of Integrated Marketing Communications

Chang-Dae Ham, Ph.D. (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign); Chang-Hoan Cho, Ph.D. (Yonsei University); and Jong Woo Jun, Ph.D. (Dankook University)
Positive vs. Negative Publicity with Advertising: An Application of the Synergy on Country Brand and Country-of-Origin Products

George R. Milne (University of Massachusetts); Jason A. Gabisch (Providence College); Ereni Markos (Quinnipiac University); and Joseph E. Phelps (University of Alabama)
Changes in Consumer Willingness to Provide Information over the Last Decade: A Cohort Analysis

Keith A. Quesenberry (Johns Hopkins University); Michael K. Coolsen (Shippensburg University); and Kristen Wilkerson (West Virginia University)
IMC and The Effies: Use of Integrated Marketing Communications Touchpoints Among Effie Award Winners

Nicole Cunningham, Ph.D. (University of Texas at Austin) and Laura F. Bright, Ph.D. (Texas Christian University)
The Tweet Is in Your Court: Measuring Attitude Towards Athlete Endorsements in Social Media

Spring 2012

Don E. Schultz (Northwestern University), Martin P. Block (Northwestern University), and Lauren I. Labrecque (Loyola University Chicago)
Consumer Retailer Preference and Facebook: Friends or Foes?

Pauline de Pechpeyrou (Université Paris Ouest Nanterre la Défense) and Patrick Nicholson (Université Lille Nord de France—SKEMA Business School)
An Integrated Framework for Privacy Concerns in France

Lisa D. Spiller (Christopher Newport University) and David W. Marold (Eastern Michigan University)
VIPER: SmartStart—From Curiosity to Conversion:
How VIPER SmartStart Leverages Mobile Technology to Generate New Customers

Guoqing Guo (Renmin University of China), Fanny Sau-Lan Cheung (City University of Hong Kong), and Wing-Fai Leung (Chu Hai College of Higher Education, Hong Kong)
Cross-Cultural Differences in Attitude towards TV Advertising among Beijing, Hong Kong and Warwick Viewers

Bela Florenthal, Ph.D. (William Paterson University), Priscilla A. Arling, Ph.D., Deborah Skinner, Ph.D., Kathryn W. King, M.B.A. (Butler University), and Patrick J. Rondeau, Ph.D. (Advanced Data Analytics)
Enhancing the Traditional IMC Recruitment Plan to Gauge the Impact of Vodcast Usage on Students’Attitudes and Behavioral Intentions

Blodwen Tarter, Golden Gate University
TurboTax® Tries Direct Response Television . . . Again

Elmie Nekmat (University of Alabama) and Karla K, Gower, Ph.D (University of Alabama)
Effects of Disclosure and Message Valence in Online Word-of-Mouth (eWOM) Communication: Implications for Integrated Marketing Communications

Fall 2011

Brad Sago (Whitworth University)
The Usage Level and Effectiveness of Quick Response (QR) Codes for
Integrated Marketing Communication Purposes among College Students

Joseph Carrabis, CRO (The NextStage Evolutions), Greg Peverill-Conti (The 1000faces Project)
The Selling Face: Face and Body Biases in Marketing Communications

Michael Obal (Temple University), Gordon Burtch (Temple University), Werner Kunz (University of Massachusetts—Boston)
How Can Social Networking Sites Help Us? The Role of Online Weak Ties in the IMC Mix

Michael Hanley (Ball State University), Robert E. Boostrom, Jr. (University of Wisconsin-Whitewater)
How the Smartphone is Changing College Student Mobile Content Usage and Advertising Acceptance: An IMC Perspective

Jun Rong Myers (California State Polytechnic University, Pomona), Ronald Faber (University of
Minnesota, Minneapolis), Brittany Duff (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign), Yuliya Lutchyn (University of Tennessee, Knoxville)
Coordinating Headlines and Consumer Processing Styles in Executing Visual Metaphor Advertisement

Mark Stuhlfaut, Ph.D. (University of Kentucky)
Language at a Different Level: The Creative Code of Ethnically Oriented IMC Agencies

Stacy Neier (Loyola University), Blodwen Tarter (Golden Gate University), Debra Zahay-Blatz (Northern Illinois University)
ING Direct Cafés

Carol Scovotti, D.P.S. (Associate Professor, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater)
NueMedia, LLC: Redefining Business Media for Customer-Centric Marketing

Spring 2011

Don E. Schultz (Northwestern University and Agora, Inc.)
IMC Measurement: The Challenges of an Interactive Marketplace

Rotimi Williams Olatunji, PhD (Lagos State University)
An Exploratory Study of Level of Adoption of Integrated Marketing Communication by Advertising Agencies in Nigeria

Taejun (David) Lee, Ph.D. (Bradley University), Wonjun Chung, Ph.D. (University of Louisiana at Lafayette), Yongjun Sung, Ph.D. (University of Texas at Austin), Jonghyuk Lee, Ph.D. (Kwangwoon University)
Korean Practitioners’ Managerial Perspectives on Brand Placement

Mary Ann McGrath (Loyola University Chicago, China Europe International Business School), Mars Ren (China Europe International Business School), Tina Li (China Europe International Business School)
An Alternative Conceptualization of IMC: An Exploratory Study of Mobile Marketing in China

Deborah Gray (Central Michigan University)
A Categorical Distinction Content Analysis of Wikipedia and Its Impact on IMC Education

Lisa Spiller (Christopher Newport University), Tracy Tuten (East Carolina University), Michelle Carpenter (Old Dominion University)
Social Media and Its Role in Direct and Interactive IMC: Implications for Practitioners and Educators

Fall 2010

Brad Sago (Whitworth University)
The Influence of Social Media Message Sources on Millennial Generation Consumers

Youngju Sohn (The University of Georgia)
Toward Building the Relationships-Reputation Integrated Model

Jan Owens, Ph.D. (Carthage College, Kenosha),
Ralitza Nikolaeva, Ph.D. (ISCTE Business School),
Neil Younkin, Ph.D. (Saint Xavier University), and
Ella Carter (Bowie State University)
Scratch-off Summer Games at Lettuce Entertain You in Chicago

Lance Kinney (University of Alabama)
An IMC Strategy for Introducing Game-Day Jersey Sponsorships to American Sports Leagues

Suzanne Fogel (DePaul University)
Issues in Measurement of Word of Mouth in Social Media Marketing

Keith E. Niedermeier (University of Pennsylvania) and
Corey Pierson (University of Pennsylvania)
The Impact of Type-In Interactivity and Content Consistency of Internet Ads on Brand and Message Recall

Lisa D. Spiller, Ph.D., (Christopher Newport University) and
Carol Scovotti, D.P.S. (University of Wisconsin-Whitewater)
Kiln Creek Golf Club & Resort: On Par for An Integrated Marketing Communications Campaign to Acquire New Members

Spring 2010

Guangzhi Chu (Communication University of China),
Maxwell K. Hsu (University of Wisconsin-Whitewater), and
Shan Li (Communication University of China)
Perceptions of Integrated Marketing Communications among Public Relations Agencies Executives in China

Lisa Fall (University of Tennessee) and
Charles A. Lubbers (University of South Dakota)
Assessing an Expanding Niche Market: Determining How IMC Information Sources Predict Participation in Agritourism Activities among Vacation Travelers

Cristina Pieraccini (State University of New York at Oswego),
Leonardo Hernandez (State University of New York at Oswego), and
Douglass Alligood (BBDO New York)
The Growing Hispanic Market Media and Culture Collide

David Allan, Ph.D. (Saint Joseph’s University)
They’re Playing My Brand Product Placement in Popular Music

Brian G. Smith (University of Houston)
Beyond Promotion: Conceptualizing Public Relations in Integrated Marketing Communications

Lisa D. Spiller, Ph.D. (Christopher Newport University) and
Carol Scovotti, D.P.S. (University of Wisconsin-Whitewater)
Multidimensional Marketing of Small Businesses: The Case of Nonna’s Italian Restaurant

Blodwen Tarter (Golden Gate University),
Mary Caravella (University of Connecticut), and
Debra Zahay (Northern Illinois University)
Allstate Insurance: Building Relationships through Email Campaigns

William Harris Ressler (Ithaca College),
Scott R. Hamula (Ithaca College) and
Wenmouth WIllliams, Jr., (Ithaca College)
Baseball Teams, Radio Stations and Corporate Social Responsibility

Fall 2009

Jerry Kliatchko (University of Asia and the Pacific, Philippines)
IMC 20 Years After: A Second Look at IMC Definitions

Debra Zahay (Northern Illinois University),
Charlotte H. Mason (The University of Georgia), and
John A. Schibrowsky (The University of Nevada, Las Vegas)
The Present and Future of IMC and Database Marketing

Dr. Lisa Fall, PhD (University of Tennessee) and
Dr. Chuck Lubbers, PhD (University of South Dakota)
Does a Generational Divide Create a Fork in the Road?
A Year-Long Segmentation Analysis to Determine IMC Information Source Usefulness Among Matures, Boomers, Gen X and Gen Y Vacation Travelers

Régine Vanheems (Université de Paris I—Sorbonne) and
J.Steven Kelly (DePaul University)
Understanding Customer Purchase Switching Behavior When Retailers Use Multiple Channels

Guangzhi Chu (Communication University of China),
Maxwell K. Hsu (University of Wisconsin-Whitewater), and
Shan Li (Communication University of China)
Perceptions of Integrated Marketing Communications among Advertising Agencies Executives in China

Ralitza Nikolaeva (ISCTE Business School Lisbon, Portugal),
Eusang Yoon (University of Massachusetts, Lowell), and
Ella Carter (Howard University)
Art Institute of Chicago

Spring 2009

Don E. Schultz (Northwestern University and Agora, Inc.)
Solving Marketing Problems with an Integrated Process

Thomas Duncan (University of Colorado)
IMC and Branding: Research Propositions

Sandra Moriarity (University of Colorado) and
Giep Frantzen (University of Amsterdam)
The I in IMC: How Science and Art are Integrated

Amanda Helm (University of Wisconsin, Whitewater)
Getting Back On-Message: IMC Courses Need MoreEmphasis on Direct and Interactive Marketing

Andrea Stanaland (Radford University)
Direct and Interactive Marketing Education: Marketing v. Mass Communications Approaches

Christina Simmers (Missouri State University) and
Datha Damron-Martinez (Truman State University)
The Effect of Product Placement on Consumer Information Processing

Keith Hermiz (IBM Market Insights) and
Helene M. Miller (IBM Market Insights)
Measuring Customer Relationship Risk in a Multiple-Brand, Business-to-Business Setting

Joseph E. Phelps (The University of Alabama) and
George R. Milne (University of Massachusetts Amherst)
Integrated Marketing Communications and New Media: Emerging Privacy Issues

Blowden Tartar (Golden Gate University) and
Jack Saunders (Golden Gate University)
Häagen-Dazs®Loves Honey Bees Case

Lisa Spiller (Christopher Newport University) and
Carol Scovotti (University of Wisconsin, Whitewater)
Peninsula SPCACase